Wee Village Family Childcare is a licensed daycare with capacity of 6 kids ages 3 months- 5 years. We provide a trusting and caring environment for children to enjoy living, playing and learning.



We believe in childhood.
We believe it is a crucial moment in life that sets us up for the rest of it. Childhood is the period for learning. Learning how to be human: compassionate, curious. Learn the basics of interacting with others, the basics of communicating, and how to do it effectively. Everything we learn at this point, will determine what is "good" or "bad" in our lives as adults. That's why is so important to take the educator job so seriously, and try to do our best for them. Happily, this all can be learned by playing. Like a language, you learn it better when you live it, when everyone around you speaks it. That's why we focus on these social skills for our toddlers. Loving and nurturing them all like a family, so they get a feeling of confidence and are willing to take risks, as they learn and grow along the way. ​We provide this atmosphere in which your child will feel safe, secure, and comfortable trying new things.

Throughout our curriculum, we help each child learn how to handle his/her emotions and consider the feelings of others, and to develop their sense of self-worth. We encourage creativity to develop problem-solving skills. We provide a wide range of hands-on experiences in all areas of the curriculum which forms a basis of learning.​ ​We understand everyone is different, and we all learn in different ways, that's why we provide an open-ended curriculum that supports diverse learning styles.

We view our relationship with families as a partnership and we seek to build a strong community that supports both family and child alike.

We enjoy continued professional growth through in house education as well as seeking outside opportunities, which help us learn and grow as educators.